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Upon the completion of all the lessons in the course, please take the test. When you select the "TAKE THE TEST" button, you will be redirected to our testing center.
The number of questions in the test is based on the credit amount (at least 8 questions per 1 credit). The minimum passing score is 75%.
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A certificate is immediately available for download upon 100% completion of the course. You may download and print it out directly.

If you are an ARDMS member and choose to upload the certificate(s) to your ARDMS CME bank, under the Sponsor Name*, choose ASRT Cat. A option. Your uploaded CMEs will remain pending unless you are selected for the audit during your CME period. (ARDMS does not review uploaded CMEs unless the sonographer is selected for the audit process).

If you are a member of another credentialing organization, please follow their instructions to report your CE activities.

Please be advised that the certificates are issued in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), which may be a few hours ahead, depending on your location.